Sunny Wood — Hole #6: Par 5

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Here’s a cleverly-designed hole that can get you in trouble if you’re not careful!  You’ll notice that the second fairway is elevated and guarded by a cliff.  If you blindly select your driver and hit an A1 towards the second fairway, the cliff might catch your ball and shoot it into the water!  Instead, select a 3-wood off the tee.  This club will always have enough elevation to clear that cliff with an A1, and you’ll have enough distance also.  Any spot in the second fairway will offer you a nice approach shot for eagle, so the most important thing is hitting that fairway!

Putting the right amount of cut on this shot can also be challenging, and you might find yourself in the sand or, even worse, the water on the right!  I recommend NOT using backspin if the wind is blowing to the right, since you don’t want the ball being pulled more towards the water.  And, if the wind is blowing left, you might want to hit a softer shot with backspin so you don’t carry into the left rough.  Just do your best to land in the middle of that second fairway, and an easy eagle should be your reward!


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