Sunny Wood — Hole #9: Par 4

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Whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to do some math here.  Take your distance to the hole and subtract 240 from it — that’s where you want your drive to end up.  So let’s say it’s 410 to the hole.  You want to hit your drive 170 yards and stick it there in the fairway.  If you do so, you’re have 240 yards into this greatly-elevated green, and a 5-wood will be the perfect club for you!

If you use the Big Berthas, you’ll have more flexibility if you want, because you can drive it farther and hit 7-wood into the green instead.

The worst thing you can do on your approach shot is leave it short, and this will happen if you have to use a low-lofted club or don’t hit it hard enough.  Now, you don’t have to hit it a lot harder on your approach — just a little bit.  And if you’re 240 yards away, hitting a 250-yard 5-wood should be about perfect.  Missing short will add at least 2 strokes to your score, since you’ll have to hit backwards again!

The one exception to this could be if the pin is on the front edge of the green and the wind is in your face.  In this case, I recommend leaving 230 yards in for your approach shot, because you’re going to want to aim for the back of the green with backspin that will really pull back towards that pin!

Finally — this hole is sometimes drivable straight-on! With a good spot on the closest tee box and a tailwind, you can pound a B2 drive that should carry right up onto the green!  Keep in mind that a low-loft driver might not work, but most 300-yard drivers can do it.  Also keep in mind that backspin adds a slight bit more loft, so use that too if you can!


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  1. 3 wood off the tee!

  2. One of my buddies drove the green today, but didn`t ace it. Still it was a monster shot.

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