What’s new in Golden Tee 2009?

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As you would expect, Golden Tee has added a ton of new features to Golden Tee 2009…not just new courses!

It may be more difficult for players to find shortcuts in Golden Tee 2009 — and, you’ll notice that a lot of the greens are shaped to make it much more challenging to put it close!

One of the coolest new contests is a Closest to the Pin Live contest, which looks really fun!  Get in a contest with 50 other players and see if you can land one of your shots on 9 random holes closer than anyone else in the contest!  Only $2 to play, but it’s winner take all for $50.  If you get a hole-in-one, you win the pot or share with other hole-in-one shooters.  If no one holes out, the player with any one shot closest to the pin wins the pot!

For those of you not yet up for Prize Play, Golden Tee has added an All Play Random Tees option to the Glory Mode!  Now you can experience the fun of getting different looks each time you play without having to pay the extra dollar to enter Prize Play!

Players will also get to try out new sets of clubs and new golf balls available in Golden Tee 2009!  Try your hand with the Big Bertha and a 9-wood, or finally purchase that hybrid set you’ve seen other guys playing with from an older version of Golden Tee!  Hit it long with The Freak ball, or maintain that great distance/spin combo with The Gamer ball!

You’ll definitely notice how much more life-like the animals are in Golden Tee 2009, especially since they now move!  And you’ll also notice the moving clouds!

Prepare to hit off some new surfaces too, including mud, dirt, and tall grass!

Be sure to take notice of the 15th hole at Black Hills, called “The Falls” — it’s the first ever designed by a player, Dave Hollingshead!  Congrats again, Dave!

Want to save one of your great shots to show your buddys later?  In Golden Tee 2009, you can!  Golden Tee has hooked up with YouTube so that players will be able to upload their great shots onto the web, where they can access them later!

Are you playing in Casual Play mode and trying to improve, or do you want a second chance at that shot you just missed?  In 2009 Golden Tee, mulligans are back! Taking a mulligan is a great way to practice a shot a second time so that you’re always getting better!

Another cool new feature is the “Quick Shot” button.  If you hit a bad shot, or even if you want to speed up a good shot, you can hit this button at any time after your shot so the action moves twice as fast!  Whether your ball is slowly tumbling down a cliff or you’re just ready to get to the green and putt, this button helps players speed things along!

As usual, there’s tons of new clothing you can win as well!

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