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So what’s the best set of clubs to use when playing Golden Tee 2009’s Woodland Farm?  Well, I got feedback from 25 pros on their choices, and here’s what I found!

The most votes went to the new Big Bertha set available in 2009.  Players like the combination of the 310-yard driver and the loft that the woods offer, and the driver is one of the few low-loft clubs that can be worked through the covered bridge on hole 4!

Coming in second is the old hybrids, still a favorite among amateurs and pros on any course.

The low-loft clubs (310 driver) and 2007 hybrid set (0 Hybrid) also offer a club making it easier for hole #4, and some players like how it’s easier to work these lower-lofted clubs on some of the driveable par 4s.  Oh, and the D2 balls are the most popular choice, followed closely by the Gamers, and then the Freaks!

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  1. I have to agree that the Big Bertha clubs would be a good choice. Although I use the 05 Old Hybrids on this course. They do not have the 310 driver but they do offer a 4 iron that comes in handy. This course is not a good choice for the Low Lofts.

  2. the gold balls still work well you have to go buy them from a 2008 macine if you run out

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