Woodland Farm — Hole #10: Par 4

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Yikes.  Golden Tee sometimes likes to punish you coming out of the clubhouse for the back 9, and this hole certainly fits that bill.  If you choose to hit a long drive, you’re almost certain to have a tree blocking your approach shot into the green.

Instead, I sometimes like to lay up short into the little peninsula jutting out into the river, which you see is around 160-180 yards out.  Get as far left as you can without clipping a tree or rolling into the river.  Remember, you can always work an A1 type shot around the tree for your approach shot if you’re too far right, but if you’re too far left, it’s hazard time.  If you can execute your tee shot well enough, you can usually hit a 5-wood straight into the green, which is ideal here!

If you’d rather take your chances with a little hook shot into the green, that’s fine too — odds are, you’ll have to be shaping one shot or another here in order to have a decent birdie putt!


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