Woodland Farm — Hole #16: Par 5

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The easiest shortcut here is to a grassy hill just over the river — if you are on the left tee box, you can line up with the green and you’ll see it straight ahead.  Pull out your 3-wood (you’ll need the loft) and crank it straight ahead on top of this hill!  From here, you’ll have a good look at eagle, but there’s sand guarding the front (as usual) and backspin won’t work as well from this rough.

It’s hard to find, but there is another decent shortcut here if you’re on the right tee boxes.  If you rotate to the right several times, lining yourself up with a tree out in the rough, you can play a big C3 out this direction.  It should end up in a patch of small trees in the rough, if not beyond them all!  From here, you’ll usually have a pretty clean look into the green in two (and if not, you can usually chip onto the green in 3 anyway for your birdie putt).

I’ve also found that if you take your drive straight out to the fairway, you can sometimes get there in two with a big A1 approach.  With sand on the lower side, it’s still tough to stick the green with this shot, but you should at least have an eagle chip with this route.


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  1. Yes there is a short cut here. I have pounded it up to that landing area in the ruff several times. However you will then likely have to hook around the tree standing in front of you to hit the small green protected by sand (not an easy shot).

  2. If the tee box will let you, you can hit a driver over that ridge with the landing area below it. on the green in two, and sometimes in the hole.

  3. I have turned a couple times to the right and hit a big c3 ending up to the right of where the 310 marker is in the picture on the dark green next to the river for an easy chip to the green

  4. If you go to the right like 3 or 4 times you can do a big A1 around the trees and hit up in 2 every time

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