Bella Toscana — Hole #10: Par 4

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This hole forces you to make another decision based on the wind and pin placement.  Most of the time, you’re fine going left down low.  Your approach will be way up hill, but unimpeded, and wind won’t affect it much.  So, if you go this route, club up one for your approach.  Here’s a hole-out from down there (notice how he clubbed up).

If you go right, blast it as far as you can, because there are trees guarding the approach.  The tee shot is safe, but your approach might be more challenging.  You’ll now be hitting downhill, where the wind will affect it more, and you might have to work a C3-type shot into the green for your birdie putt.  Here’s a hole-out after a very long tee shot — it was a great decision to go right because he has all the green to work with on the approach!

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  1. You can also go through the trees with a driver. Aim between the second and third to last tree to the right. Once past the tree line the shot to the green is wide open.

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