Bella Toscana — Hole #16: Par 5

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You’ll have a choice here too depending on the wind and tee.  The best option is to clear the lake to the fairway on the other side, which gives you an open approach with your second shot.  If you get the generous front tee (only available in casual play), you can easily clear the lake and have a fairly short approach shot for eagle, like this one.  From the back tees, even if you can get to the rough on the other side of the water, you’ll have a chance — here’s a 5-wood hole-out from there that gets just enough through the tree!  At worst, from this rough, you can hit a driver that still gets through the tree onto the green.

If you can’t make it, you can also try to stick the grass between the 2 houses perched up to the left.  If you can’t make the distance with a straight shot, try a C3 driver at that spot — you can even skip it across the water and have it bounce up in that area, so no excuses for laying up anywhere!  If you can land it here, you’ll also have an approach for a chance at eagle — here’s a great hole-out from that spot! And here’s another one, applying some nice hook and backspin into the green.  You can also take this path, avoiding the tree and using the slope of the hill for help!  Need to curve it?  No problem — check out this handsome shot! There’s also grass to the left of the left house, and whether you intend to land here or get a lucky bounce, you can hole out from here too! Here’s one more from the corn — watch the roll take it all the way in!

The green has an awful slope here, so if you have the luxury of shaping a shot, cut into the slope.

This one’s for fun because your ball may never be here, much less end up in the hole on the next shot!

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