Monument Valley — Hole #15: Par 4

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First, take a look at your teebox and wind, because you might consider driving this hole!  If you have the standard driver, and especially the red D2 balls that add distance with a straight 180 off the tee, you can pound a drive right at the green with either roll or backspin depending on the setup (usually backspin and a nice hop up off the rough is required), and it can get there — here’s an example!  And here’s another nice example!   Also, you can hit an A1 off the tee around the rock on the left to carry the upper-tier fairway, eliminating the need for the more difficult uphill approach shot — here’s a hole-out from there.  If you’re good with your straight 180s, you should have a close chip from the sand at worst for your approach shot.

If you lay up in the bottom fairway, which will be the case most of the time, take note to club up once for your approach shot because of the elevation — the distance marker doesn’t accurately reflect what club you’ll need on the approach.  I also suggest not laying back too much, because you’ll want a high-lofted club for the approach!


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