Monument Valley — Hole #4: Par 4

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From most tee box positions, you can carry either a 3-wood or a 5-wood over the top right at this green.  From the front left tee box, you should be able to take a 5-wood over the top, or maybe a 3-wood with a slight curve — here’s a hole-out from that box.

From the back right tees, you can take a driver over the edge, like this, or a 3-wood right over the top — here’s an example.

If you’re towards the back of the middle box, a 3-wood will still clear the mountains straight at the green — here’s an example.  If you’re towards the front of the middle box, you can usually carry a strong 5-wood over the top, like this.  Be careful if you try to curve a shot around the hills instead of going over.  If you go around to the right, the ball can get stuck in the dirt on top of one of the hills over there, stopping it in its tracks.  If you go around to the left, there’s dirt on top of another hill that will stop the ball right there.  Here’s a driver with some crazy good hops!

Finally, here is one of the most amazing dunks you will ever see.

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