Southern Oaks — Hole #13: Par 5

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This one is tough to reach in 2.  The fairway sand is strategically-placed to envelop a tee shot that’s too aggressive, and then you’d have to lay up.  Similarly, if you’re not aggressive enough and leave your tee shot too far to the left, you can’t make it in 2 either.  However, a 9-wood can offer an advantage on the approach if you do leave your tee shot left of the sand, as it can cut up and over the trees on the approach.  A combination of skill and some luck might be necessary to leave an approach for eagle.  Be careful on the approach shot here with the green sloping towards the water!

Here’s a straight hole-out from an outstanding tee shot, well past the sand in the fairway.  And here’s another great hole-out applying some cut and backspin.  Here’s an incredible 5-wood from the left side of the fairway!  Finally, check out this amazing, aggressive driver shot that really pays off!

There’s also a closer tee box (only available during casual play) allowing you to clear the sand in the fairway for a short 2nd approach shot — here’s a hole-out from there.

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  1. I hate this course I cant break a 22 thinking about switching from x22s to x20s .The 9 wood is a waste on this course I think. will a 200 7w make this shot left of the bunker over the trees? any advice from you on how to tackle this course.Ill lose distance if i switch to the 20s but I dont know if there is a hole I need it

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