Southern Oaks — Hole #14: Par 4

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You’ll almost always be hitting over the trees, pretty straight at the green.  However, club selection is very important!  A 5-wood can usually clear the trees no problem, a 4-wood clears all but the highest spots of tree, and a 3-wood needs to be over the gap in the middle or around the upper sides of the trees.  Backspin or not depends almost entirely on the wind.

From the front of the front tee box, an option is to poke a 3/4-strength driver under the gap in the 2 trees into the green.  This can also be done with a 1-iron, as evidenced by this great shot!  Another option is to take your shot around with a C3 backspin to hold the green.  If you’re on the right and so is the pin, you can take a 5-wood right over the corner!

From the back of the front tee box, a 5-wood clears the gap over the 2 trees as shown here. You can also cut a 5-wood around the side of the tree, as we see here. Also check out this 5-wood and how it runs down the flagstick — amazing! Finally, you can really curve it around with a 3-wood, like this great shot!

From the back tees, a C3 3-wood with backspin works, but so does a pretty straight 3-wood over the corner!  Or, you could still try to poke a driver under the gap in the 2 trees, like this!! Finally, if you have the distance, a 5-wood can still be hit over the left side of the trees.

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