Southern Oaks — Hole #7: Par 4

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Here you’ll almost always be hitting a straight-180 shot, usually with backspin (unless there’s a strong headwind), aimed at the rough between the green and the hill to the right of it.  Use as much loft as you can while still giving you the distance you need.  A 5-wood has the perfect loft, a 4-wood still works and clears the trees, but a 3-wood can sometimes clip the trees on the way down if you don’t aim right far enough.  Still, you should have a short eagle chip at worst.  Here’s a hole-out from the BACK box with a 5-wood pounded almost straight over the tree, where the slope pulls the ball down towards the hole!  Also, here’s a 3-wood from the right side of the back box that’s also pretty much straight over the last tree on the right!  Here’s another huge 3-wood that dives through the last bit of leaves before making its way into the hole!

You can also hit a c2-type shot with backspin, but with the downhill shot towards the green sloping towards the water, you want to take off a bit of distance.  If you’re a bit short, you still can get help with a hop over the hill.  Here’s an awesome low-loft driver c3 backy shot!  Here’s a driver from the front box that catches just a bit of the trees, enough to guide it into the cup!  And here’s a fantastic 5-wood from the middle box that backspins into the hole.

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