Southern Oaks — Hole #8: Par 5

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From the back box, lay up in the fairway as long and left as you can.  From here, you can bring an A1-type approach shot into the green, usually with no backspin, as shown here.  It’s better to be left than long, because even if you don’t tee off long, you could still have a pretty straight B2 driver into the green from the left edge of the fairway.  If the pin is on the right side or the wind is blowing left, then backspin may be the smart move — here’s a driver hole-out with backspin. Finally, there’s a spot that allows you a pretty straight approach shot if the pin is on the left — check out this nice poke through a little tree gap at the end of the fairway!

Remember to leave your approach shot left, if anything, because the hill can still help the ball come back to the green.  If you miss right, you’re in the sand and have probably lost your eagle opportunity!

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