Tahiti Cove — Hole #18: Par 4

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From the front couple boxes, you can work a 5-wood backspin around the trees into the green.  Another approach that works is to punch a low-lofted club through a spot in the trees, if you see one.  If you miss the trees, your ball will trickle down onto the green!  Here’s a great hole-out from the second-closest box.

From the back boxes, you will probably have to try to work a driver through the trees, trying to somehow land on the green.  A 5-wood can also fly over/through in some cases.  This is another finishing hole that makes it very tough to eagle!  Here’s a hole-out from the back box with a driver right through the trees and here’s another one through a slightly different gap!  And here’s a beautiful 5-wood curved right around the trees from the second farthest box.

Finally, check out this 7-wood that cleared the trees from the second farthest box!

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  1. Did anyone notice the dead (purple) golfer near the bottom of the hill by the green on the 18th. His body is lying beside a bush.

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