Tahiti Cove — Hole #5: Par 4

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There are 3 options off the tee here.  Most often, you’ll be laying back far enough to give yourself a line at the green from farther back — usually a 3-wood for the approach.  Here’s a 3-wood hole-out from laying back.

If you have a closer tee box that’s lined up with the gap in the trees guarding the second fairway, you can ram a 5-wood over this gap in the trees to clear the river and give yourself a shorter approach shot.  Don’t force it, but if it’s there, you can be in the rough or sand and still have a pretty easy approach shot from across the water.  Here’s a hole-out after clearing the river to the fairway.

Finally, and especially if you have the red distance balls, you could drive the ball straight ahead, down to the end of the left fairway (even trickling into the rough is fine if you can). There’s an opening in the trees at the end of this fairway that allows a shorter, unimpeded approach shot.

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