Alpine Run — Hole #17: Par 3

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Handicap: 1st hardest hole
Category: Difficult
Average Score: -0.15 / -1.00 

Birdie 43%
Par 35%
Bogey 17%
Double+ 5%

Here is one of the toughest birdies in GT2011, especially if you don’t have a 7/9 wood. While a 5-wood can work out for you, you’re going to love having a 7-wood (or sometimes a 9-wood) in your bag for this hole. You need the loft to carry the hill and backspin to hold the green. If you don’t have a 7-wood and a 5-wood sets up too long, you’ll have to try to finesse a 5-wood to the green, which can be very challenging here.

In some cases, a 4-hybrid will work if you can get it there — this shot worked out just fine!

Because of the nasty slope of this green, anything too far from the pin makes for a very tough eagle putt.

Check out the amazing bounces this 5-wood gets off the hill!  Here’s another one with perfect bounces off the side hill.  This was so far off it hit the tree — and deflected in the hole!

Finally, check out the skill on this shot.  There’s a 15 wind blowing left, but look at the action he puts on it — way out of my league!

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