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Here is a description of this new course for Golden Tee 2011: “Play golf among the ruins of ancient Egypt! The pyramids aren’t only there for decoration purposes – they’re part of the course itself! Besides the pyramids, Falcon Sands features monuments, statues, camels and, of course, the biggest sand trap in the history of Golden Tee!”

Here is the official preview of the Dahshur, Egypt course.

This post contains tips, tricks, and information related to the 2011 Golden Tee course Falcon Sands!  Check out the hole-by-hole breakdowns and example hole-outs as I partner up with the Golden Tee community to give you the edge you need to beat your friends!

For most players, you should be using the Hawks and Hurtles on this course.

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  1. They still don’t show the wind on the youtube? I think they should. Also, it would be very cool if they added an animation with how the trackball was hit (pulled back to this angle, hit forward this hard at this angle…)

  2. I agree completely with both! I think they could only help — the wind certainly wouldn’t do any damage, and it would just be fun to see how the shot was performed!

  3. I recomend playing with Steve and Dean. Worth the trip to their hometown. I will be starting over now. My best was -19 but I will gladly take the lesser scores to learn what I was shown today. In the long run… Worth it bigtime! The 6 to 8 iron chip shot was worth every second! Holy Crap are they good! Everyone there was! Plus pulling back on the putt? Wow! I never knew anything until today! Amazing!

  4. I mostly have the 6 iron chip now. 2 -19 in two days. Missed a -20 by a bad birdie put on 18. ould have had a -23 but pars were in my way. The biggest difference for me beyond the chip was the putting. Pulling back put me in a different realm. Not for any other reason than the feel for the shot you are making. That also helps with the chip shot. Don’t think of it as anything other than a putt with a different club. Go easy on the forward swing. I call it. Wussification.
    Steve, Dean, Jared, Kevin, and all the Mt. Airy guys! I thank you. Looking forward to the next time.

  5. Oh yeah! Get rid of the distance balls for real. For 2010 it’s Gamers but when 2011 comes out the freak balls will be back. Never think distance only think control!

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