Falcon Sands — Hole #14: Par 4

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Handicap: 5th hardest hole
Category: Risk/Reward
Average Score: -1.01 / -2.00

Eagle+ 26%
Birdie 55%
Par 14%
Bogey 6%

This one is fun! You will either be shooting through the hole in the building or going around the left side with a 5-wood (or 7-wood if you have one). Let’s talk about the shot through the hole first.

If you’re playing the Hawks, then a low-teed 2-hybrid will always get through the hole, so you can then just concentrate on distance.

From the front of the box, a medium-teed soft-thumbed driver does the trick — check out this great hole-out!

From the middle of the box, a 2-iron will get through.

Here’s a low-teed driver from the back of the box that worked.

Have a 9-wood in your bag? Then you may have another option — tee it high and go right over the top!

Finally, there are many setups that allow you to go around the left side — check out this great shot! You can pull off the around shot with a 5-wood also, but a 7-wood makes it much easier.  Here’s another option — a 6-iron over the top with a tailwind if you’re towards the front of the box!  Check out the amazing bounces on this shot!

Finally, with the 7-wood, you can also go through or around the trees on the right side, giving you even more options based on your tee box and wind!

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