Falcon Sands — Hole #6: Par 4

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Handicap: 17th hardest hole
Category: Easy
Average Score: -0.91 / -1.00

Eagle+ 2%
Birdie 89%
Par 7%
Bogey 2%

Even if you are 400 yards away, you should at least take a look at the setup for a rare chance to try to drive this green. A tail wind helps a lot. Aim right at the green with a high-teed driver, and let it rip. It should bounce off the pyramid structure and down onto the green. Even if you are on the fringe you can still putt downhill! Aiming between the palm trees is the safest spot, since the high-teed driver still may not clear those trees. ┬áHere’s another fantastic ace!

The Air-Os help a lot on this hole — here’s a high-teed driver with the Air-Os that went 414 yards into the cup! However, the risk usually outweighs the reward, because if you come up short, there’s a lot of trouble and you’ll be forced to lay up for par.

Since the eagle rate is so low, it’s a fine play to lay up to the right in the fairway. Use your 3-wood if you can. If you are careless with your driver, you won’t have enough loft to carry the slight elevation to this fairway, and that would be a disaster! So, make sure you hit it firm, and then take your easy birdie and move on.

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