Grizzly Flats — Hole #17: Par 5

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Handicap: 6th hardest hole
Category: Professional
Average Score: -0.70 / -2.00

Eagle+ 16%
Birdie 50%
Par 26%
Bogey 5%
Double+ 3%

A high tee and the Air-O balls would be huge here to help you carry over the strip! Otherwise, it’s going to take a very fortunate tee box and wind to allow you to carry the second fairway.

Unless the wind is in your face, your next option is to lay up just short of the strip. From here, you should be able to get a driver to the green, having 330-340 yards in! Here’s a great 3-wood hole-out from there.  And this is just an unbelievable power shot that most of us can never pull off.

Your next option should be trying to land the strip — here’s one example. Why? Even though it’s near impossible for players like us, if you miss left in the water, you’ll still get a good drop and be shooting into the green for a birdie putt! If you find mud, just punch it out and go after your birdie.  Eagle is pretty rare on this par 5, so you can be happy if you’re moving on with a birdie!

Here’s an example driver hole-out from the strip. Here’s one with a 5-wood and another with a 7-wood.

Here’s a hole-out after a monster drive.

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  1. In most cases I aggree with your comments on holes, howerver I disagree with your comment about not going for the strip of grass here unless your round is ruined. The payoff for landing the strip is eagle vs. if you miss left, you have just a slightly longer shot in for birdie. Why not go for it every time unless you have the wind to clear everything?

  2. Agreed — post updated, thanks!

  3. laying up gives you a 3rd shot of a wedge or short iron and missing the strip will leave you with about 300 yards to go and depending on the wind it might not even get there, same goes for hitting the strip. you have to hit far down the strip into a big wind to have a realistic shot at driving the green from there. and about the mud, i have found this mud once and did not get out on the next shot, so going for it does not always guarantee a birdie, i`d say it`s a birdie or better 75% of the time you go for it, make or miss. laying up gives me birdie almost every time. you also have a much better shot of holing out from 80 yards than from 300 yards. there is also a mound in the mud which will kick balls into the water. i say, LAY UP ON THIS HOLE ABOUT 85% OF THE TIME! sometimes there is a big downwind that actually gives you a chance to hit the green after laying up, though it would still be well more that 300 yards, but the wind is there to help you. btw, what is that thing that says colors and yardages, like blue is 223 yards and gold is 180 yards? if that means hole yardages, change those to grizzly 17th REAL length, ablut 530-570 yards.

  4. It’s just an icon to represent that your score on this hole can vary based on your position in the tee box. I think laying up or not is up to the individual — some people do better bringing a driver or wood into the green, rather than a high-lofted club where the wind can be more punishing!

  5. how can your score on this hole vary based on your tee box position?

  6. Pretty easy — if you get a front tee box, you can carry the neck to the second fairway and set up for eagle. If you get a back box, you cannot carry the second fairway and have to hope for birdie.

  7. well i suck ass at this game so there is no way i`m ever gonna carry the strip to the 2nd fairway

  8. I`m with cb on laaying up, especially when it`s into the wind. I laid up short of the strip with a 16 mph wind in my face and then sank an 85 yard shot with an 8 iron from the fairway for EAGLE, and went on to shoot -13, just 2 off my personal best at grizzly. Even if I made the strip or got dropped on the strip after a water ball, I still might not have made the green with that wind.

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