Grizzly Flats — Hole #4: Par 5

By • Category: Grizzly Flats
Handicap: 14th hardest hole
Category: Easy
Average Score: -1.59 / -2.00

Eagle+ 64%
Birdie 32%
Par 3%
Bogey 1%

You should be trying to hit it long down the right fairway here most of the time, especially if you aren’t using lofted clubs. A high tee can help add some distance too if you’re unsure. You can usually get far enough to have an open approach shot — here’s a hole-out from the fairway.

The other option is to land your drive just beyond the sand trap straight ahead. From here, you can take a 9-Wood over the top. If you don’t have those clubs, make sure you aim for the left edge of this spot so that you have a better angle around the left side of these trees! Place it in the correct spot and your hybrid or low-iron should get through the gap without much hassle.

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  1. i shot an 8 on this hole today. how is that possible? my 2nd shot from the left fairway clipped some trees and hit the water well short of the green. i got a drop in about the exact same place and hit that into the trees again, where it got wet again. i got dropped greenside. shot 6 came pretty close, like 6 feet away, but then i somehow blew that putt for a 7 and got an 8.

  2. Having fun locked in your room chickenhawk?

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