Laurel Park — Hole #10: Par 5

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There are lots of options here — you can go straight over the gazebo (this high-teed driver set up a good approach shot) or straight under/through the gazebo (here’s a nice drive) to set up your approach, like this nice shot.  You can also find some grass to the left of the gazebo (here’s a nice hole-out from there).  Or, just go ahead and shoot through this gap!

You can also choose to lay up in the fairway to the left of the gazebo.  From here, there’s a nice gap that gives you a shot to the green.  This tee shot was too far left, but check out the amazing approach through the trees!

Watch out for the mime — he can block your drive sometimes!  Will he make a sound if you blast him?  Watch here to find out, and then watch here to see it happen again! Or, hole it out anyway!

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