Laurel Park — Hole #13: Par 4

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With a favorable tee box and pin, you can play a small curve around the trees here’s a hole-out dunk! If you’re positioned on the right, you can tuck a 3-wood around the corner like this great shot.

If you’re tucked away left, you might be able to tee it low and punch a low-lofter through the trees — no easy task!  If that doesn’t work, you still may be able to punch it on, or in, like this! If the wind is still blowing left, don’t necessarily rule out going around with a 3-wood — check out this incredible shot.

Here’s a high-teed 7-wood over the top, and here’s a great 9-wood lofted over the trees. Here’s another LONG 9-wood!

This one rattles around and almost goes in! This one gets some nice bounces and does go in!  Here’s another crazy rattler — what’s going on up there?  One more VERY fortunate deflection here to turn water into ace!

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