Laurel Park — Hole #4: Par 5

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This is a challenging par 5 early in the round, and your results depend on your tee shot.  Always check to see if you’ve got a chance to hit an A1 over to the second fairway, because this sets up an easy look!

If that’s shut down for you, see if you think you can carry out to the grass by the sand straight ahead — you’ll still have plenty of distance to get there in two.  Just stay out of the water or the sand, which is the hard part!  Here’s a hole-out from the grass there.

Finally, the right edge of the first fairway is also good but requires a more skillful tee shot.  In some cases, this might be your best bet, since you will never be shut down from landing it here.

Remember to use as much loft as you can on the approach and don’t be short, because water surrounds that green!

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  1. Not sure I agree with being able to reach the green from the sand. You are usually blocked my trees if you don’t reach the second fairly (or make it very close to the fairway).

  2. Thanks for the comment — I was waiting on confirmation of that since it seemed possible from one of my early rounds. I’ll clarify that.

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