Timber Bay — Hole #13: Par 5

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Handicap: 9th hardest hole
Category: Difficult
Average Score: -1.22 / -2.00 

Eagle+ 47%
Birdie 31%
Par 19%
Bogey 3%

You’ll be cutting around the corner with an A1-type shot, but accuracy is more important than distance here. A left-blowing wind makes this tee shot very difficult, so you may want low loft so you can still cut around and through the wind. You might club down to a 3-wood, or even a 2-hybrid, with backspin to ensure you avoid the trees on your way around and land safely in the fairway. Here’s an example hole-out from a good drive around the corner, and here’s another one from laying back a ways.

If you are going to miss the fairway, though, miss long, because if you still have an open look from the rough, you’re fine! You can’t count on getting a lucky break like this!

If you do fall off the edge, there’s a chance you can still save birdie with a great A1 shot.  Or just hole-out for eagle!

Some guys have experimented with ramping it straight ahead off the hill, but no one’s succeeded in carrying to the green as far as I know — here’s an example attempt that worked out okay, but the risk just isn’t worth the reward.

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