Timber Bay — Hole #14: Par 4

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Handicap: 4th hardest hole
Category: Difficult
Average Score: -0.26 / -1.00

Birdie 50%
Par 27%
Bogey 22%
Double+ 1%

This is a difficult hole that forces you to make 2 great shots for birdie.  If you can get far enough down the fairway, you take the trees out of play — here’s an example hole-out.

Or, you can try to line yourself up with the gap go through it. Short of the sand is the place to be, so don’t drive it too far, since the fairway slopes down into that sand to gobble up careless tee shots!

Finally, there’s a shortcut area out to the left that can be considered. If you can stick a good spot there, you’ll also have an open approach shot, like this!

This hole can rarely set up to be drivable with the Air-Os, but you’ll probably need to get there with a 3-wood since the driver doesn’t get high enough from the normal front box.

Also, from the far front box (which you may never get), you can high tee a 3-wood to give yourself a chance to drive the green too! The driver may still clip the trees, so muscle up with the 3W if you get a look. This driver cleared safely! Here’s a high-teed 3W that found the cup!

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  1. this is my favorite hole in 2011!

  2. this hole is DRIVABLE? You are f*cking kidding me!

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vybpRjDNNnc

    video of it being driven

  4. Yep, I had already captured that one from you in the post — thanks!

  5. i got the “casual” tee box the other day in glory mode

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