Timber Bay — Hole #17: Par 5

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Handicap: 7th hardest hole
Category: Difficult
Average Score: -0.76 / -2.00 

Eagle+ 25%
Birdie 48%
Par 13%
Bogey 8%
Double+ 6%

You should almost always drive out to the left here. Consider the wind and pin placement, and put your ball in a position that allows the best approach shot through the gap in the trees. Use as much loft as you can to get over the hill and stop it with backspin! Don’t be long or else you might get one of the worst drop zones in the game, out to the right behind a tree for your approach sloped towards the water. ┬áHere’s a hole-out with a 3-wood. A driver can also work, and here’s another driver — hop, hop, hop!

Driving the ball out to the right rewards you with an easier approach shot, but only if you can hit it far enough to mostly take the trees out of play. Wind should also be a consideration, as you may hit out right with a cross wind. Here’s a great 5-wood over the top from there.

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  1. Check out my shot on 17.


  2. if you lay up to the left a 3 wood makes it over the trees unless the wind is hard in your face.

  3. i once holed a shot for birdie into the wind behind a tree after watering my 2nd shot

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