Timber Bay — Hole #5: Par 5

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Handicap: 11th hardest hole
Category: Moderate
Average Score: -1.33 / -2.00 

Eagle+ 40%
Birdie 53%
Par 7%

What a cool hole this one is. You can go any of three ways off the tee, and you can reach the green in two from any of them if you place your drive well enough!

Most often, you’ll be going to the right, because that shot is always there — here’s a great tee shot to the right, setting up a nice approach. Here’s a hole-out from there.

This is not your typical approach from the right by any means, but it sure worked out this time!

If your drive is a bit off, don’t give up — you can still go around the left if needed! ┬áHere’s another great shot taking advantage of a right-blowing wind.

If you have a good tee box and wind, you can take the middle fairway down — here’s an example tee shot, although you’d ideally be back a bit farther to create a better angle on the approach.

It’s rare, but sometimes you can drive the upper left fairway too — your reward is the easiest of all the approach shots. Here’s a high-teed driver from the front box with a small tailwind. Here’s a hole-out from the upper-left.

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