Timber Bay — Hole #6: Par 4

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Handicap: 10th hardest hole
Category: Moderate
Average Score: -1.32 / -2.00

Eagle+ 52%
Birdie 31%
Par 15%
Bogey 1%

The left tee box gives the greatest chance at eagle on this hole — you’re just going over the top of the trees. Here’s a great ace with a 5-wood, and here’s another nice one with a 3-wood. And check out this crazy bounce with a driver!

The middle tee is a bit tougher because the green gets narrower, but you’ll still be hitting over the top through a nice gap — here’s a hole-out from the middle tee.

The right tee box is where it gets challenging, because the gap is very small. Here’s one example hole-out. You can also consider a low-teed driver here too, which can help keep the ball low and cut off distance — watch this one quick skip to a near hole-out!  And here’s a high-teed 2-hybrid that also got the job done.

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