Timber Bay — Hole #9: Par 5

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Handicap: 14th hardest hole
Category: Easy
Average Score: -1.56 / -2.00

Eagle+ 66%
Birdie 36%
Par 4%

The best option, if it’s there, is to blast it down the left side. There’s sand in the fairway to the left, but you don’t necessarily have to be to the right of it — you can still reach in two if you’re to the left of that sand. Here’s an example hole-out, and here’s another great bender from the left.

The next best thing to do here is to just tee it high and blast a long, straight drive over the trees and way out into the sand on the right. From here, you should have plenty of club to get there, like with this hole-out. This approach shot is easier if you have high-lofted clubs!

Finally, there’s a little outlet to the right that offers a clear approach shot if you can stick the drive there, but it’s tough to get the drive exactly where you want it. Here’s a hole-out from the right side.

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