Auburn Glen — Hole #11: Par 4

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Here’s a tricky hole that will test your skill.  The tee shot to the right is difficult to stick due to the narrow fairway, but you’ll be rewarded with a straight approach shot for an easy birdie if you pull it off — here’s a hole-out from there.

If you do play down the left side, you’ve still got 3 options.  If you have a 7-wood in the back, you can stay to the left to give you a shot over the trees.  Here’s a 7-wood over the top and in!

You can also play the gap — here’s a perfectly-placed tee shot that allowed for a nice hole-out!

Going all the way to the end of the fairway, here’s a hole-out around the left side.  If you do play around the left, you can also keep your approach shot left and use the hill as a backstop to bounce back onto the green.

Try a couple of these options out to see what works best for you.


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