Auburn Glen — Hole #14: Par 4

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The safest shot for you here is to high-tee a 4 or 5-wood over the top of the barn at the same angle as it runs.  If you miss this shot too far right, the tree guarding the green will halt your progress.  Likely you will clip some leaves but have enough momentum to carry forward and bounce down towards the green — here’s a great high-teed 5-wood hole-out!  And here’s one with a high-teed 4-wood that worked out great.  The best conditions for this shot are when it’s in the 265-275 range with a right to left wind from the right side of the tee box (otherwise a driver through the bridge is your best shot).

The more difficult option is to cut a driver (low-teed to be extra safe, but probably not necessary) with a C2.5-type shot straight through the covered bridge.  It will then deflect off the hill in the back and settle down on the green — here’s an incredible hole-out using this path!  This one grazed the wall but deflected on, off the back hill, and down and in!  This shot is very difficult to pull off, and if you don’t come clean through the bridge, bad things will happen and you may post a big score — unless, of course, this happens.  Or this one clean through, ha! EDIT – Mouth may be doing this on purpose, which is just incredible…here’s another one that almost went in.


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  1. Way to steal the bridge from Woodland Farms.

    You`rte right skip, but most of us will just hit a high tee OVER the bridge and trees.

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