Auburn Glen — Hole #17: Par 3

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This hole also has two tee boxes — one from the left and one straight on.  Here is where you really need Hawks or a set with low-lofted irons.  With a 7-wood or 9-wood, you may have an awful time trying to keep your round intact.

From the left, here’s a perfectly-played ace.  Here’s another great hole-out to a front-right pin.  Here’s an incredible dunk to a challenging back-right pin!  Check out this perfect cut shot into the gap with a center pin — wow.  Here’s another excellent shot with a 9-wood.

From straight on, here’s a tough-luck rollover after a nice shot.

If you find the pin on the other side of your putt, with sand in between, keep in mind this option!  Here’s another incredible bank-putt for birdie.


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  1. Wow have fun with that shot!

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