Auburn Glen — Hole #3: Par 3

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A 9-wood isn’t necessary here, but it sure can help. ┬áHere’s a 9-wood hole-out playing the wind and loft nicely to a pin tucked up against the hill.

Loft is no issue to the right — here’s a 5-iron hole-out to a right pin.


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  1. Hey man, I just got my golden tee card and I’m addicted to Auburn Glen course. How did you get the High tee? Do you have to play many times to receive it like I did with the clothes? Also, how do you get a 9 wood? I’m just curious. I’m from Chicago Illinois originally! Go cubs!

  2. Boo Cubs — I’m a Cardinals fan :).

    High tees have to be bought, like the clubs and balls. This is all done by clicking the Options button before you tee off on the first hole. Go to Equipment Setup, and you see it all there. The Flares are a very popular club set with a 9-wood. Have fun!

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