Auburn Glen — Hole #7: Par 4

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Over or under, that’s the question!  The safest shot is usually a low-teed driver straight at the green under the bridge.  You don’t have to hit it as hard as you think either — you should have plenty of loft and distance to carry the water, and you want the ball to stop before skidding back into the sand.  So, it’s usually just a thumb shot once you get your line.

If you’re playing Buzzsaws or have a low-loft driver, you may not need a tee — check out this great shot underneath.

Over the top can work but is riskier because you may clip some leaves.  From the back of the box, here is a perfect high-teed 5-wood.  This one hits everything but somehow makes it over…and in!  This one catches the gap in the trees and comes over clean, finding the cup.  Finally, a high-teed 7-wood can go clean over too — this one caught the right bounces into the hole!



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