Dusty Bend — Hole #10: Par 4

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You CAN go left around the house to cut some distance off your approach shot, but it’s usually not worth the risk unless you’re sure it’s an easy shot.  Sometimes it is if your tee box puts you in line with that gap, so take advantage of it if it’s there.  Here’s a hole-out from the front fairway.

There’s nothing wrong with laying up in the first fairway to the right and bringing in a longer wood shot for your approach!  Just be careful of the hill by the green because it’s all dust, so you can’t afford to touch it unless it’s on the downslope.  Here’s a hole-out from the right side.  Here’s another hole-out to a tough back-left pin.

Another option is to just play a big C3 around the corner, possibly ending up in the dust.  You can still get there pretty easily if you cut it way around.  Take a look at the pin position in this setup, where it made sense and led to a nice hole-out!

You’ll never be out this far, but the combine cranks up if you hit it.


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  1. Looking straight down the fairway you can use your driver just make sure to high tee it with backspin (dependant of the wind move the tee left or right in to the wind, stay up in the box). FULL and tight D on the forward 2 just hit it (dont kill it) and enjoy. If done right it will look like it’s going to be sand as it moves over the road but stays left by 20 yards time and time again (even in 13 mph cross wind).

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