Dusty Bend — Hole #15: Par 5

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Two options here off the tee — in the demo, he goes over the top of the right tower with a high-teed 3-wood.  I haven’t confirmed this still works, but if it does, there you go!

Another option is to rotate right once or twice and play a big, high-teed C3 driver over the building into the fairway.  If you have a tailwind, then a medium-teed 3-wood also works and saves you a tee.  Here’s a hole-out from the second fairway after a long drive.

Finally, if you can play to the very end of the first fairway, a driver may have enough distance to get you there in two, but you might need a tailwind to be sure!  Here’s an impressive hole-out from there.  And if a straight shot won’t make it, you can try to get lucky with an A1-type shot instead!

Yes, there is a strip of grass running sideways past the building on the right, but you can’t get there in two from here unless you have a really strong tailwind.


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