Dusty Bend — Hole #4: Par 4

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Elevation is almost never an issue here if you hit your shot hard with the highest lofted club that you think can get there.  It can be anywhere from a 3-wood to a driver.  It carries well too, as the green is downhill from the tee box.  Long is water — you cannot be there, so miss short if anything (the road is okay).

Here is a driver hole-out off the road!  A hard-hit driver can carry the green to the right side, too.  And this driver off the roof is amazing to watch.

Here’s a perfect 3-wood to a front pin.  Here’s a nice 3-wood also taking advantage of the road.

This 4-wood clips the dust but bounces down and in!  And this shorter club (7-wood?) takes a couple of nice bounces on its way down to the cup!

And if you hit Paul Bunyan, you may hear him yell “HEYYYY”!


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