Dusty Bend — Hole #7: Par 3

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This one can be a bit tricky, so always play it safe.  The green basically has a front and back section, so play your tee shot to the middle of whatever section contains the pin.  Bite may be a good option here to get the ball to stick when it lands.  It’s often a 7-wood or 9-wood, and bite can come in handy here!

Wow — check out this wild shot that ended up right by the hole!  Here’s another 9-wood shot that deflected off the silo and ended up in the hole!  Here’s another amazing ace off the base of the silo.

How about going around the right side?  If the pin is all the way to the right, you might think about it — it’s difficult, but this amazing shot is possible!

And if you happen to get pinned against the wood, try this amazing chip shot that seems to defy physics!  Here’s another wild up-and-down bank shot that finds the hole!


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