Dusty Bend — Hole #8: Par 4

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This hole is tough to eagle, and an errant tee shot can turn your round in the wrong direction.  Everything slopes towards the water in the front right of the green, so you need to aim well left to avoid the water and a devastating re-tee.  Stay dry, and accept that birdie is a fine score here!

Here’s a great 3-wood hole-out to a front pin.  Here’s an incredible driver dunk to a tough right-front pin!  And this driver used the road in front to bounce up on the green into the cup.  Here’s another that bounced all the way up to a back right pin!

You can also play an A1-type shot into the green if it’s playing really long, but that adds some risk as you’ll have to be quite accurate — no problem for Mr. Haas with a nice birdie save here.

You’ll likely never be behind the diner, but the alien ship is there.


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