Grand Canyon — Hole #12: Par 5

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The left or right fairway works here — it’s usually wind-specific.  To the right, you can hit it long and straight or curve a big A1-type shot over there, trying to get past the sand.  You don’t have to be dead accurate — it can bounce off the walls a bit and settle, still giving you a straight look at the green, or perhaps a small cut shot.  Here’s a hole-out after a drive that got just past the sand on the right.  You probably don’t want to try this shot with the wind blowing left at all.

To the left, you’ll sometimes get a nice wind and be able to carry a high-teed driver over the sand to the next fairway.  Here’s a hole-out after a long drive to the far left fairway.  Otherwise, you’ll lay up in the fairway as close to the sand as you can get — here’s a hole-out after laying up short of the sand and curving it around.  Even if you play it really safe behind the sand on the left edge of the fairway, you can still curve a driver around.


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