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Here is a description of this new course for Golden Tee 2012: “The warm sun and leeward island breeze greet you at Royal Cove; 18-holes of golf positioned in Half Moon Bay, Antigua, a little known paradise to most. Although the baby blue water steals the show, the sandy beaches and perfectly placed mountains create a more rugged tropical scene than we’ve seen in recent years. Ancient relics from a buccaneer past are situated throughout parts of the islands, and you might just find buried treasure if your tee shot happens to go astray.”

Here is the official preview of the Half Moon Bay, Antigua course.

This is currently being updated with tips, tricks, and information related to the 2012 Golden Tee course Royal Cove!  Check out the hole-by-hole breakdowns and example hole-outs as I partner up with the Golden Tee community to give you the edge you need to beat your friends!

Royal Cove is voted by many to be the hardest course in 2012, and the second hardest by most others.

The Hawks and Hurtles are the most common selection on this course, since you don’t really need a 7-wood or 9-wood and you prefer to stay low under many of the trees with hybrids!  Some players still use the Flares just for consistency across the board — so give them both a shot and see what works best for you!

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