Royal Cove — Hole #2: Par 4

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First, take a look at your tee box and the wind.  A high-teed driver cut around the corner in the right conditions can reach the green!  A high-teed 3-wood can even cut over the far right trees but would require an exceptional look — still, the high-teed 3W gives your best chance of cutting around to this green with a wind blowing towards it and a good tee box.  Here’s how it’s done!  It’s also possible with the high-teed driver, but you’ll have to go completely around the trees — here’s an amazing shot with that look.

Assuming this shot isn’t there, be careful off the tee.  The fairway slopes right, so you could lose a tee shot off to the right in the rough if you aren’t careful.  Often times, it’s best to play a small cut to the left to counter the slope.  Distance doesn’t matter — just keep it safely in the fairway, make your birdie, and move on.


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