Royal Cove — Hole #5: Par 4

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You’ll be cutting your tee shot around the right side to give yourself an eagle putt here.  Here’s a dunk with a 5-wood with a pretty straight look, and here’s a 3-wood with a small cut around the corner.  It’s usually not too bad unless the wind is blowing right.  If you miss anywhere, miss left — water off the tee must be avoided at all costs.  Also be sure not to cut your tee shot TOO much — if you do, you’ll slam into the hill and get wet.  Unless your shot is SO BAD, and the wind is SO GOOD, that you get this crazy result.  So, make sure you cut it enough, but make sure you take it out far enough right as well — practice will serve you well on this one.  Use a tee to move right if you think it will help your angle!

Here’s another way to do it, ha.


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  1. I’ve found a high teed 5-wood works wonders on this hole. If you hit the top of the hill it trickles down to the green and if you miss the hill It still settles on the green for a nice eagle putt.

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