Tundra Peak — Hole #5: Par 4

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If you’re towards the back middle of the box, a high-teed 3-wood can take aim directly at a center pin and clear the mountain!  Keep this in mind as you line up your shot, because you may not have to curve it around.

Otherwise, you’ll need to be accurate enough to curve your ball around to the green — you’ll often use the icy hill as a downslope to the green.  Here’s a nice high-teed 3-wood cut around the corner, taking advantage of the icy hill!  And here’s a high-teed 4-wood that got a perfect bounce.  A medium-teed 3-wood also gets around the corner as long as you take it out right far enough!  With a really tough setup, here’s a driver around the side that finds the cup.


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  1. A driver works nicely here also. It gets over the spur or at worst bounces on the ice and onto the green.

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