Bear Lodge — Hole #5: Par 5

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You usually need to carry across if you want to reach the green in two — the first island fairway should be too far away.  However, if you find the very end of the fairway and are a big hitter, you may be able to still get there — check out this awesome hole-out.

Sometimes it will be very difficult to get across with a back tee and/or tough wind.  If the fairway is too tough to reach, you can potentially still reach the green from the left rough across the water, which is easier to reach off the tee.  So play whatever huge shot you have in your bag to try to get across somewhere to try to keep pace here.

Here’s a driver hole-out from the second fairway.

If it’s too daunting, go ahead and take your birdie by laying up in the first fairway.  Better to birdie than put a par on the scorecard trying to be a hero.


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