Coconut Beach — Hole #17: Par 4

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This is one of the toughest eagles in 2013, followed immediately by perhaps THE toughest eagle in the game.  In most cases, it doesn’t hurt to go for it, because the sand and the rough below the hole will catch most errant shots.  Let’s start there, because this is very entertaining.

From the front box, you’ll be able to aim fairly straight at this green.  This 7-wood curved around and landed up in the brick but caught some great bounces back down into the hole!  A 9-wood is another common option — this one also played the front brick and bounced in.

It’s almost always there from the middle box too, but the wind makes all the difference on the difficulty.  Here’s a great high-teed 7-wood curved around from the middle box that incredibly bounced cleanly through all the brick and back into the hole!  This high-teed 5-wood also settled on the brick and rolled back down and in.  This 4-wood did the same — check out how the wind killed it so it could settle straight down.  On the other hand, this 4-wood got an incredible kick backwards out of the sand to find the hole!  Here’s another one with a 6-wood, where the out-wind kept the ball up on the brick so it could settle back down nicely towards the pin.  And this 7-wood kept turning left until it found the pin.  Finally, this high-teed 3-wood was an amazing play into this pin.

The back box also offers some opportunities to drive the green, but you’ll need some help from the wind and the tee placement.  This high-teed 5-wood from the back box barely got around the right side and then caught a perfect hop off the brick into the hole!  This one also caught a great hop off the brick over the sand, where the wind pulled it back down and in.  It shows you how you can still hit that gap from the back box in some conditions.  This medium-teed 5-wood also found the gap, settled on the brick and rolled in.  And this shot actually found the fire pit, bounced out, and then found the cup!  This one did the same, but dunked in the hole instead!

Even a high-teed 3-wood is possible from the back box, believe it or not — check out this incredible shot!

In many cases back here, you’ll just be laying up a short ways ahead to give a clear-in approach shot. You can also go farther down the fairway to bring it in, but it’s usually not as good an angle.  Check out the bounce back this one got with a big headwind!

There’s a tee box up to the right likely only available in casual play that provides a straight shot at the green — here’s a 5-wood ace from there.

The fire pits on these holes are unplayable lies, as you may expect, ha — here’s a shot that got an unfortunate bounce.

FINALLY, here’s one of the more amazing deflections you’ll ever see — 3-wood off the tiny back tree FTW!


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