Coconut Beach — Hole #2: Par 4

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From one of the front boxes, this hole can potentially be drivable!  From the closest box, you’ll have the distance, but the trees will pose an issue.  Your best bet is from the second-closest box — with a nice wind at the green, you can play anywhere from a fairly straight shot to a C3-type shot trying to thread the tree leaves towards the green.  If the look is good, you can at least end up with a chip shot for an eagle try.  This one found a gap straight through for an eagle putt!  And this one was within inches of the cup after bouncing on.  But here’s the one that found the hole — an out-wind, high-teed driver, and a friendly bounce!  And this one high-hopped from the grass all the way over the steps to find the cup!

Don’t get careless on your drive — there’s sand left and a tree poking out right, so put it in the middle of those.  You can also use the wind to gauge how far you drive the ball, trying to line up for a straighter shot.  And don’t bring that sand into play on your approach — make sure to hit the middle of the green to ensure a clean putt.  Here’s a hole-out to a back pin.


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