Coconut Beach — Hole #9: Par 4

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There are many ways to play this shot, and often still more than one option given a particular tee box and wind.  The left-center box gives you the best look, because you can take aim straight at the green and play just a small curve around the left of the trees.  You can also rotate left once from here and play more of a curve around.  Here’s a 3-wood curved around from the middle-left box that got a nice little bounce back off the wall.  The tree is really pesky here and knocks down a lot of shots if you aren’t careful.  This shot didn’t seem too careful, but it missed all the leaves anyway and got a couple bounces into the hole.  And this high-teed 5-wood was way too hard, but check out the one-hop dunk off the backboard!

From the right-center box, much more curve is needed, and here’s where a couple options are introduced.  With a helping wind, it’s a good option to club down, use a high tee, and play an A1-type shot around the trees to float onto the green.  Here’s a beautiful high-teed 5-wood from the right-center box.  This shot was not cut enough into the left-blowing wind, but it took a hard deflection right and still found the hole! The smaller-cut shot can still be there too —  this high-teed 4-wood played just a small cut around the trees on its way to the cup.

With a wind in your face, the low-teed driver is another option.  This one skips off the water, got a couple more deflections, and found the hole!  On the crazier side, here’s another driver that made its way all around the brick above the green before dropping back down and finding the cup.  And this one bounded off the statue above before trickling back and in.

And this one cut the corner completely with a left-blowing wind — it’s tough to find this gap, but the high-teed 5-wood got it done!

From the back box, the driver skip shots are more common because of the distance, but certainly are not necessary if the wind is favorable.  This driver caught a violently-fast deflection and came screaming at the cup, but it sucked in!  And watch this driver catch the stone just past the water, bounce up, and make its way over to the hole!

From the back left box, this high-teed 5-wood went right over the trees at the pin, and in!

I want you to watch what happens on this shot — you get a good view of how backspin and catching the wall after a hop can essentially flatten the drive and cause it to settle off to the right.  This allows you a way to hold the green after catching the wall at a high speed, instead of otherwise deflecting back into the water.  So when in doubt, I’d recommend backspin hoping for this kind of bounce off the back wall.

As you can see, there are lots of deflections you can take advantage of, but you can also get in trouble if you hit your shot too far past the hole.  The brick ledges continue up and you could be caught in a tough place up there, so do your best to control your distance — clear the water first and foremost, but don’t blast it too hard either!


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